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Breaking the Sky _ Sky Silkworm Potato _ txt Novel Paradise

1 year ago   Gas stations   94 views No.1121 Yancheng Int'l Venture Center(North),No.5,

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For the mountain seal, Xiao Yan is very familiar with, clearly know the power point of this handprint and some weaknesses, and this punch, is a very tricky bombardment in its handprint on the most dispersed one! "Bang!" Flames erupted in the sky, and there was a slight click on Ling Quan's wrist, and his forehead was covered with cold sweat in an instant! But this Ling Quan psychological quality is really not bad, just Xiao Yan mercilessly counterattack once, footsteps hurriedly back, another palm is also changing handprint again, but the handprint has not yet finished,large inflatable water slide, a flame palm is out of thin air, the palm of its grasp! "The marksmanship is fancy, the seal is slow, and the fighting spirit is superficial. You are much worse than I expected. It's really disappointing. I'll give you a four-word comment." Holding Ling Quan's palm tightly, Xiao Yan shook his head slowly and looked at the pale latter with some pity. Vulnerable! In the fourth watch, there is still a distance of about 100 votes. At 9:30, Tudou is actually already in the beginning of the fourth watch, because Tudou believes that the brothers of Dou Po can reach it. Ha-ha, potato also knows, the brother who fights to break,inflatable floating water park, is really tried his best, anyway, thank you. Dou Po has been exploded again. This month, potatoes have shown their determination with their actions. I have tried my best to do my best. As for the final result, I can only expect Dou Po's brothers and sisters to give me the answer. Here, solemnly recommend a new book, control the world, book number, this book is written by Tudou's cohabitation friend, the creative process, Tudou also helped a little bit, I hope you can give Tudou a thin face, go and have a look, by the way, collect, thank you very much for the through train on the home page. www.xiAoshuotxT.cOM Chapter 1094 debt repayment. Flat voice, slowly sounded in the sky, and then spread lightly. In the courtyard, that more than a dozen black annihilation army followed Ling Quan is also a face of dumbfounded, inflatable water slide ,Inflatable outdoor park, how they can not think of, Ling Quan unexpectedly in the hands of Xiao Yan defeated so miserable, the previous lightning fight, they are all see clearly, with blood in his eyes, looking particularly horrible. The secret? Feeling the sudden surge of Ling Quan's breath, Xiao Yan's eyes narrowed slightly, his figure flashed, and he quickly stepped back a dozen steps. Hua Xue Gong? This guy is really desperate,Inflatable water park factory, even such a secret method of self-mutilation is used out. When the two old men in black in the courtyard saw this, their faces sank. They immediately turned their eyes to Xuner and said, "Miss?" joyshineinflatables.com

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