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There is a ghost husband in the family: pestering a little wife

3 months ago   Garage   43 views 78# ZhuQue Road, Xian, Shanxi, China

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"Well, master, teach me quickly!" Cher beamed when she heard me say that. I took out a flower needle from one side and said casually, "This needling method is called Duanyang. It is located at the perineum point under the lower abdomen. Just prick it.." Duan Yang is mainly used to purge fire, but the use I taught Cher really made her shrink Yang! "Perineum point?" Cher gawked at me, then blushed, probably knowing where the perineum hole was. In fact, not to mention Cher, even I think this move is a bit perverted. Let me help a man shrink his penis. I'm sure I can't do it. That is, Cher is now in a critical situation, so I have to teach her a way to defend herself. Cher listened to my teaching, and practiced a few times, is a small success, plus she still has ten days to prepare, when the time comes to deal with a fool, should not be a problem. Soon, Shangguan Fu came back, and I was ready. Cher, be sure to practice hard, when the fool wants to hurt you,Stone Honeycomb Panel, you stab him! I finally told Cher. Master, I know.. "Cher was a little embarrassed to lower her head, and her face exploded.". Well, after all, Cher is just a little girl, and a girl of her age in the human world doesn't know anything. Shangguan Fu took me out of the house, got into the carriage, and drove slowly towards Yunshan Mountain. Although Yunshan looks not far away,Carrara Marble Slab, the road is bumpy and there are detours on the way. I'm afraid I would have died at his hands." As soon as Shangguan Fu's pupils shrank, he gasped again and asked with some shivers, "Can Banxian escape in the hands of the pseudo-immortal peak?" I looked at Shangguan Fu and said with a smile, Marble Projects ,pietra gray marble, "He was also seriously injured by me. He won't be able to catch up for a while. But with his cultivation, he should recover soon, so I have to hurry up.". Besides, don't ask any more. The more you know, the more dangerous it will be. After Shangguan Fu left, the sky gradually darkened. I sat down cross-legged, absorbing the power of thunder to my heart's content, and moistening the life array. This life array plate because of the power of thunder to join,Artificial Marble Slabs, immediately happy, the speed of operation is also faster and faster. However, my life array has also been damaged because of the loss of blood gas. I'm afraid it's not so easy to open the space inside. Be quick! I urged myself to close my eyes and quickly absorb the power of thunder. forustone.com

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