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Admiral, husband, get out of here.

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"Tell me what you're doing." Murong Ye looked at Ricky and answered. Doesn't your father-in-law run a department store? My mother-in-law happens to be a food developer. She used to sell at the counter of your father-in-law's department store. This year, the counter will expire. Can you please tell your father-in-law that he will continue to renew his contract with us and let us sell? After all, the relationship between your son-in-law and father-in-law should be easy to discuss. Ricky said with some pleading. Hearing Sun Ruiqi a father-in-law, Murong night is really angry, please this marriage is not his voluntary marriage, how can he go to Shangguanxiong,touch screen board classroom, Murong night just want to refuse, but Sun Ruiqi has said in advance: If you don't speak, it means you promise me. I'm so lucky to have a friend like you. But you're really lucky to have such a virtuous wife. Murong Ye was very angry and went back to his office. "Who on earth told them I was married?" Just then, Murong heard a familiar voice outside. "Commander Fei, you can send it here. I'll go out by myself." Murong said with a smile. All right,75 smart board, but congratulations. Commander Fei also said happily. Murong night heard his grandfather's voice, immediately pushed the door and went out, and saw Murong and his immediate superior, Commander Fei did not know what to talk about. When Murong saw the old man at night, he asked: "Grandpa, why are you here?" Why can't I be here. I came to tell Commander Fei about your marriage. I wanted to invite Commander Fei to the wedding party yesterday, but Commander Fei was on a business trip, so I had to inform him in person. Murong said happily. Grandpa, didn't I tell you not to tell me about my marriage? Murong night said in a hurry. Why, smartboard for business ,interactive flat panel display, your marriage is still a shameful thing. Your marriage should be a happy event for everyone to congratulate. Besides, you're married, and you don't know how rude it is to invite your soldiers to a wedding feast. Since you are too embarrassed to tell your soldiers, I will be the only one to tell them for you. Murong said of course. Grandpa Murong Ye shouted angrily. Commander Fei, who did not know why, thought it was Murong Night who was embarrassed, so he smiled and said to Murong Night: "General Murong, marriage is a happy event. There's nothing to be embarrassed about. That is, after marriage, we live separately and do not interfere with each other's private life. The contract period is one year. That's all. But Yan, why are you so interested in me and Murong night? Shangguan Yuqian stared at Lan Xiyan and asked curiously. Hearing the words of Shangguan Yuqian, Lan Xiyan immediately picked up the coffee cup and took a sip,interactive whiteboard for schools, put down the coffee cup and said carelessly: "Don't I care about you? I care about my good sister's happy life." "Is it really that simple?" Shangguan Yuqian said with some suspicion. Really? What do you think it is? Lan Xiyan said calmly. That's what I said. Alas ~. Shangguan Yuqian sighed as he stirred the coffee in the cup. Why are you so good? Why are you sighing? Lan Xiyan asked with concern. I was thinking about what to do when I go home at night. How awkward it is to live in the same room every day. Said Shangguan Yuqian with chagrin. That's right, but can't you just let Murong Ye move out with you? Lan Xiyan proposed to say. Hearing Lan Xiyan's words, Shangguan Yuqian felt bright at the moment. hsdsmartboard.com

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