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Wesleyan 121 (gambling)

4 months ago   Garage   51 views No.1121 Yancheng Int'l Venture Center(North),No.5,

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It can even be imagined that when the treasure collectors created such a legend, the purpose was to keep people reaching into the cave, and to keep people gathering in front of the cave, forming the best protective force to protect the cave from animals. Of course, the person who can make such a design arrangement is an outstanding wise man, but the treasure has been taken away, which is really not as good as God! I thought of the last sentence out, the chairman and his son immediately have a very surprised look,ultrasonic generator driver, the chairman said: "You are really great, immediately thought of this!" " I couldn't make head or tail of the chairman's compliment-I said that "man is not as good as God", which was just a momentary feeling and had no special meaning, but the chairman thought I had thought of something, ultrasonic sonochemistry machine ,ultrasonic dispersion machine, which made me puzzled. I said honestly, "I didn't think of anything-should I have thought of anything?" The chairman's father and son did not directly answer my question. The chairman said, "We have imagined the possibility of many kinds of treasures falling down. You should know that even if the treasure falls down from the big stone in the cave, it is still some distance away from the cave entrance. It can never be obtained by reaching in." "If the treasure falls down," I said, "you can have a chance to see it as long as you light inward at the entrance of the cave." The chairman shook his head: "No one will illuminate the cave-gamblers are very superstitious. Legend says that you can only turn the stone ball with your hands, not with your eyes. No gambler will go against this statement.". And before the invention of the flashlight, it was very difficult to illuminate the cave from a very small hole. When the chairman said this, I nodded repeatedly, because his analysis was very reasonable. But Sheng Nianzu cried out, "No way!"! It doesn't work! There must be someone.. Someone is here Hum.. As he spoke, he looked askance at the chairman with a very ambiguous expression, and I said "ah" in my heart-the expression of the ancestor clearly suspected that the chairman had done something about it! The chairman's face became so ugly that he did not look at Sheng Nianzu, but looked at me and said, "Some people measure the belly of a gentleman with the heart of a mean person. You can ignore them." Sheng Nianzu sneered three times. The old man was very angry. "He has already sworn,ultrasonic spray nozzle, but you still don't believe him?"? What kind of friendship are our two families? How can we ignore morality for the sake of some interests? It seems that Sheng Nianzu is very afraid of the old man, so he dare not openly refute it. Previous Chapter Table of Contents Next Chapter Author: Ni Kuang This book is produced by "E Book Time and Space" for free; For more free e-books, please visit http://www.eshunet.com/ fycgsonic.com

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