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Miraculous Doctor Farmer's Daughter: Buy a Husband to Farm

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But if you can talk like this, you are not a man of the Yan family. Men of the Yan family have two words engraved in their bones- "awkward", and will never express their feelings directly. How to let Tuoba black fat understand, do not humiliate herself, also do not let him worry about it? As he was approaching the capital, Radish sent someone to greet him. The bearer was Du Qian, the son of Du Jing, who was the right-hand man of the little radish. Although he had some shortcomings,ultrasonic dispersion machine, he was loyal to the little radish. After the little turnip was relieved of his military power, he rode in front of the saddle and behind the horse, as before. No, more gallant than ever, to be precise. And Du Qian and Du Jing are really completely different. They are very proficient in eating, drinking and playing. Lu Qi had privately complained to Su Qinghuan that it must be Du Jing and Pei Jing who had changed their sons. Du Qian is more like Pei Jing's dandy and unrestrained, and Xiao Ke is more like Du Jing's calm and loyal. So the little turnip sent Du Qian to make the people of Dameng live more comfortably in the Central Plains. Du Qian grinned and said, "The eldest son said that the prince,ultrasonic molten metal, the young master and the young lady are going home. There's no need to see them. If you need anything, just talk to your subordinates." Yan Chuan is really not polite, put forward a request that Du Qian was stunned. Chapter 1820 the female emperor of Fanwai He (35). "No?" Yan Chuan looked at Du Qian, his expression was frozen, his thin lips were slightly pursed, and the corners of his eyes were picked up with displeasure. Du Qianru woke up from a dream and nodded his head repeatedly. "All right, all right. The eldest son wants me to treat him well. As long as you don't want my head, you can do whatever you want. Hey!" This is Miss Jiang's stepson, to the outside home, these people still do not give Miss Jiang a long face? Big nephew! A little capricious, a little capricious, they have vast territory and abundant resources in the Central Plains, outstanding people. Bah, ultrasonic emulsifying machine ,ultrasonic metal welding, what is he talking about, big belly can tolerate, don't haggle with the bear child! So Du Qian is particularly tolerant of Yanchuan. Then go quickly. Yanchuan is not polite. Du Qian:.. Ok.Affection is hard to inherit, after all, fickleness is common. But the day came so fast that she and Yanchuan had not made much progress, and others had already come. It's all Du, the Crown Princess. Let's go out and beat him up! "It's not him, it's someone else." Liu Yun said lightly,ultrasonic handheld welder, holding back the heartache, "let him go.". The identity of the prince is destined to have women around him. Liu Yun did not go out, nor did he eat in the evening. fycgsonic.com

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