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Poly-Putty Base suppliers

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Poly-Putty Base suppliers 聽 Product Features 聽 High-quality alloy mortar is characterized by smooth scraping, fast drying at room temperature, good grinding, no cracking, no collapse, good filling performance, strong adhesion, high temperature resistance, good vertical construction, no sagging, less sand holes, etc. This product is fast and convenient in construction and improves construction efficiency. 聽 Construction Scope 聽 Suitable for various metals (such as bare iron, stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized sheet, etc.), glass fiber reinforced plastics, old paint film, wood, and various two-component primer surfaces. 聽 Main Technical Parameters 聽 Main Ash Index NameItemTechnical IndexInspection Standard Grey componentState Color appearanceNo scaling, agglomeration or obvious particles Light yellow pasteVisual inspection Visual inspection Film performance index ItemTechnical IndexInspection Standard Putty color and appearanceLight yellow, even after scrapingVisual inspection Drying conditionsNo obvious particles, scratches, cracks after drying聽 Dry grinding time h (25 鈩? 鈮?/p> 1GB/T1728 Consistency cm9锝?2GB/T1749 Gel time (application period) min 鈮?/p> 3GB/T1728 Adhesion kg/c銕?鈮?/td> 40GB/T5210 Flexibility mm 鈮?/td> 100GB/T1748 Impact strength kg 鈥?cm 鈮?/td> 15 (or 30 Kg. cm without falling off)GB/T1732 Construction Reference 聽 1. Mix the main ash and curing agent at 100:1-3 (to make the color consistent), and use up within the gel time. 2. Scrape the prepared fiber alloy plaster on the polished two-component primer or the prepared sheet metal surface. If thick coating is required, it is better to scrape several times to the required thickness. In case of bubble penetration during coating and scraping, it must be completely scraped with a scraper to ensure good adhesion. 聽 Which putty is used for car? Generally, polyester putty and alloy putty can be used, mainly depending on where the car needs to be repaired and the type of car The superior chemical auto repair putty polyester putty is suitable for buses, cleaning vehicles and trucks. It has good coating performance and is convenient for polishing The superior chemical alloy putty is suitable for use in automobiles. It has good hardness and good adhesion to steel plate, zinc plating and alloy plating. 聽Poly-Putty Base suppliers website:http://www.superiorcoating.net/poly-putty-base/

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