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Bulk Hydraulic Shear Blade

9 months ago   Maintenance & Repair   27 views http://www.nj-heshen.com/shearing-machine-blade/hydraulic-shear-blade/

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Bulk Hydraulic Shear Blade Overview The QC12Y hydraulic shear blade is the core component of the shearing machine. Made of steel, the cutting edge is sharp and wear-resistant, the incision is flat, and the cutting edge product has no burrs. The material and processing determine the effect of the blade, as well as the cutting life and cutting effect. Therefore, a good quality machine tool equipped with a good blade can greatly improve production efficiency, reduce labor, and improve cutting quality. The blades of our factory have been strictly selected and carefully processed, which is a product you can trust. Specification The QC12Y hydraulic shear blade is mainly used in the sheet metal processing industry, mainly using high-quality alloy workers such as T10.9CrSi, SKD11, 6CrW2Si, Cr12MoV, H13K, HMB, W18Cr4V, etc., which are long-edged. The material can be carbon steel, alloy steel, front steel. All-steel shearing blades (knife), Q11, QC11Y, QC11K, QC12Y series shearing blades, QC12K shearing blades, and supporting various CNC shearing blades. Each blade is strictly inspected to ensure quality. Our company produces various types of shear blades, QC12Y hydraulic shear blade for the sheet metal processing industry, knives, and long shears, with a length of less than 6 meters, with a wide range of products, complete specifications, and some products are available from stock. Non-standard products can be customized according to the product drawings, specifications and materials, hardness values and other requirements provided by customers. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!Bulk Hydraulic Shear Blade website:http://www.nj-heshen.com/shearing-machine-blade/hydraulic-shear-blade/

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